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From Turbo-propellers or Very Light Jets to VIP Airliners




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Some of the most popular aircrafts

Very light jets : Hondajet


Height : 1,46 m

Width   : 1,52 m

Lenght : 5,43 m

Seats    : 5

Luggage capacity : 1,9 m³


Range   : 2185 km

Speed   : 777 km/h


HondaJet has been described as "the world's most advanced Very Light Jet" and there are many reasons to confirm this : is the largest jet of its category, 5 passengers in a spacious cabin; an innovative design; advanced technologies and concepts. As well is the fastest and most fuel efficient jet in its class. Honda will certainly be capable of intra-European direct flights, such as Paris to Mallorca or Ibiza to Geneva.

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Very light jet : Embraer Phenom 100



Height : 1,50 m

Width   : 1,55 m

Lenght : 3,35 m

Seats    : 4

Luggage capacity : 2 m³


Range   : 1996 km

Speed   :  722 km/h


Since 2009, his first year on the European market, Phenom 100 has been the new outisder in the fast growing demand of Very Light Jet . Brazilian expert airplanes manufacturer Embraer, after a successful joint venture with BMW and Design Works, created an very elegant cabin, larger than other jets form same category. 


Very Light Jet : Citation Mustang 


Height : 1, 37 m

Width   : 1,40 m

Lenght : 2, 97 m

Seats    : 4

Luggage capacity :  1,7m³


Range   :  1945 km

Speed   :  629 km/h

This aircraft was the very first  Very Light Jet available in the aviation market. Since his launchment in 2007, Citation Mustang became extremely popular and has been delivered all over the world. Even if a little smaller than other of his category, the cabin is still comfortable for 4 passengers and  is perfect for short European flights.


Light jets​ : Embraer Phenom 300



Height : 1, 50 m

Width   : 1, 55m

Lenght : 5, 20m

Seats    : 7

Luggage capacity : 2,4 m³


Range   :  3650 km

Speed   :  857 km/h

 Phenom 300 is a Light Jet created by Embraer (Brazil), has a cabin volume more spacious than its  competitors, up to 7 passengers. BMW and Design Works has been involved in cabin's design to create the maximum comfort. This aircraft offers a greater range than other in same category : with 3600km of non-stop flight, can connect most European cities and at very competitive prices. 


Light jet : Bombardier Learjet 45XR


Height : 1, 50m

Width   : 1, 56m

Lenght : 6, 04m

Seats    : 8

Luggage capacity : 1,9 m³


Range   : 3800 km

Speed   : 861km/h

The 45XR has been launched in 2004, and as other Learjets, is appreciated for speed and performance. The outstanding performance to fly at 51,000 feet at 860km/h, enables it to make direct flights from Mallorca to Amsterdam and stay away from commercial air traffic  or potential weather troubles. Learjet 45XR is perfect for connecting major cities in Europe and around the world.


Light Jet : Citation CJ3


Height : 1, 45m

Width   : 1, 47 m

Lenght : 4, 78 m

Seats    : 7

Luggage capacity : 1, 8m³


Range   : 3470 km

Speed   : 770 km/h

Cessna Citation CJ3 in 2004 has been awarded as the 'Best of the Best'  in the Light Jets category, in 2011 for the third consecutive year. This private jet is very popular thanks to his combination of reliability, performance and comfort. It is longer than the CJ2+, providing for up to 7 passengers in a "Club 4" arrangement. Fast and comfortable, this award-winning Light Business Jet is an excellent option for any short-haul flight.


Midsize jet : Dassault Falcon 50 



Height : 1, 75m

Width   : 1, 86 m

Lenght : 7, 14 m

Seats    : 8-9

Luggage capacity : 3, 2m³


Range   : 5695 km

Speed   : 903 km/h

The Falcon 50 is comfortable for 8 passengers, with the maximum configuration seating 12; has a maximum range of 5695 km and a maximum speed of 900 km/h. The Dassault Falcon 50 is a mid-sized jet with long-range capabilities. It has the same fuselage section as the Falcon 20 but with an additional engine.


Midsize jet : Gulfstream 150


Height : 1,75 m

Width   : 1, 75m

Lenght : 5, 38 m

Seats    : 8-9

Luggage capacity : 3, 8m³


Range   : 5556 km

Speed   : 903 km/h


Gulfstream G150, as very demanded Midsize Jet, offers the same top level performances as the larger members of his category :  is able to fly non-stop from Mallorca to Stockolm or coast-to-coast in the USA; it has also some specials certifications for small airports. The spacious cabin has seats for up to 8 passengers. The G150 is the perfect solution for all passengers looking to make intra-European flights as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of comfort .


Midsize Jet : Citation Sovereign 


Height : 1, 73m

Width   : 1, 68m

Lenght : 7, 70 m

Seats    : 8

Luggage capacity : 3,8 m³


Range   : 4895 km

Speed   : 792 km/h

One of the most awarded aircraft, the Citation Sovereign is a very popular Midsize Jet due to its extra-large cabin, larger than other in the same category. In this cabin can seat up to 8 passengers and the Sovereign has an excellent luggage capacity and all the comforts and luxury of the superior category. This successful jet also impresses in its high performance, as his range is about over 5500km and his cruising speed is nearly 850kmh, as well this aircraft is an excellent option to travel on medium-haul flights.


Super Midsize jet : Legacy 450


Height : 1, 82m

Width   : 1,86m

Lenght : 7, 31 m

Seats    : 7

Luggage capacity : 4,2 m³


Range   : 4260 km

Speed   : 870 km/h

Brazilian manufacturer’s Embraer, the Legacy 450 is the first aircraft in the category of Super Midsize Jets to have a fly-by-wire system. This innovation will reduce manual work-load for the pilots, and increase both aircraft’s performance and reliability. This aircraft is the highest performing Super Midsize jet on the market, offering a longer range, as well as better fuel efficiency. Also this jet features the largest cabin of its class, seating up to 8 passengers in optimum comfort, and providing with over 4 cubic metres of luggage storage space. 


Super Midsize Jet : Challenger 350 


Height : 1, 85 m

Width   : 2,19 m

Lenght : 1 , 74 m

Seats    : 9

Luggage capacity : 3,3 m³


Range   : 5926 km

Speed   : 870 km/h


Super Large Jet : Gulfstream G450


Height : 1, 88m

Width   : 2,24m

Lenght : 13, 74 m

Seats    : 13

Luggage capacity : 4,8 m³


Range   : 4350 km

Speed   : 916 km/h

The G450 although it is smaller than the G550, belongs to the same category of Super Large Jets. This jet is a high-performance aircraft, extremely fast and offering a good range: non-stop flights from Mallorca to New York and in much less time than other Super Large business jets. The spacious cabin accommodates up to 13 passengers in 3 separate areas . Once again, Gulfstream combines performances and luxury, like with this G450.

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